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Steps Inside The World, Inc.
P.O. Box 18013
River Rouge, MI 48218
Phone: 1-313-926-7480
Email:                                        2013--2014


Non-profit 501(c)3 Youth Development Foundation

Project Operation Early Intervention for University and College Bound Students

Mission of te Program:

    The program objective/ purpose is to introduce and encourage High School students of Wayne, Oakland, and Washtenaw counties, grades 9th through 12th, to begin making preparations to attend a specific university or college of their choice shortly after completion of their secondary education.
    We will do this by physically taking groups of 20 students--10 boys and 10 girls, to select universities and colleges.  Our students will be staying (2) days and (2) nights, preferably with full schedules and contacts where possible and available, between faculty, administrators, and students of both genders.  Many of these students are said to be systemically excluded from traditional support mechanisms presently in place.
    We have designed this program to depart from local Wayne County locations on a Thursday morning and arriving at each destination within a reasonable travel time. Upon arrival we will be working closely with university or college administrative personnel with each of our High School students, their college student mentors, in their selective fields of pursuit. Dorm room assignments will be given if possible, and students will be given the opportunity to talk with counselors about specific fields of interest such as:

Education                        Technology                       Green Employment 
Financial advisor            Web Site Design               Social Science  
Music                                Business Admin.              Bio Medical
Architecture                    Biology                              Food Science
Graphic Design               Anthropology                   Veterinary                       Accounting CPA)              Actuaries
Sports Med.                     Athletic Trainers              Psychiatry           
Physical therapist           Restaurant Mgmt             Neuroscience
Forensic Science              English                             Aviation     
Pharmacy                        Desk Top Publishing         Nursing      
Law                                   Political Science               Public Services                                                                  
Social Workers                                                
                                      Genetic Profiling              Math               
Laser Technology          Video Production             Mental Health      
Industrial Engineers
     Video Analysis                 Social Serv.
Substance Abuse           Dept. Corrections            Data Base Admin.
Community Srvc.                                                    Rehabilitation Admin.

These excursions are to take place at least (1) once a month as our funding allows.  There will be chaperones--(2) females and (2) males, and more as our program expands.
    This experience will provide hands on stair-step bridge building processes for High School students to the arena of collegiate academia, athletics, intellectual, cultural, and social development for students who otherwise might get caught up in the trenches of criminality in urban city life--many of the deviant behaviors associated with the countless numbers of our youth.

Nature of Compelling Community Need:
Since our organization is a countrywide institution of Wayne County, we have dealt with many Wayne County and out of Wayne County youth who seem to believe that there are no significant futures for them, nor do they think they can escape the ever-existing land mines set before them financially and academically.  These students and their classmates undergo constant battles with peer groups who attempt to lure them into drugs, car thefts, weapons, and deviant criminal behavior as a method of bonding.
    Many of them battle with dysfunctional families suffering from economic hardships and poverty, fathers and significant other male role models missing form their homes as a plaguing daily norm.  Too many of these youth are becoming casualties of the streets, prison, and graveyards.
    Our intentions are to provide intervention programs designed to show these youth that there are people who understand the constant combat and dilemmas they are faced with on a daily basis.  We have put together several constructive programs that aim at providing positive alternative choices to High School students.  This program is one of them.
    We will be working in conjunction with counselors, administrators, and parents in the selection process of these youth participants.  Students 18 to 20 in number, preferably ages 14 through 18--10 females and 10 males combined from the following cities in Michigan:

Belleville      River Rouge    Lincoln Park    Delray               Brownstown
Trenton        Romulus         Southfield      Melvindale          Allen Park
Woodhaven  Hamtramck    Riverview        Flat Rock           Inkster
East Detroit  Ecorse           Garden City     Gibraltar           Redford
Dearborn      Rockwood     Taylor             West Detroit      Southgate 
Higland Park  Wyandotte    Dearborn hgts.             

Affects in the Communities:
    Our programs will create a bonding mechanism between Wayne County youth, university and college personnel; in addition, it will encourage the students to graduate High School at all costs.  Each student must make a specific choice of college or university educational program beyond high school.  The participants in this program will be provided with yet another tool to assist our youth with their task of focusing upon collegiate careers.
    The end result of this program will help our youth come into the work world and society prepared to become legitimate wage earners, highly intelligent and productive American citizens.  It will also place each of these students of the various communities on the path to a successful life.

The Methods This Program Will Respond to the Need:
    This program will provide a support mechanism necessary to assist low and moderate income families in their efforts to encourage their youth to do something positive with their lives and become acquainted with others who could play a significant role in structuring of their life courses,  also helping them to aspire to make better career choices. This program will provide a bridge between secondary education, colleges, universities, educators, and employers. We are responding with an interruptive, intervention program.

The Results of this Program:
    We will achieve a greater respect between students, faculty, administrators, and parents desperately seeking alternatives in their daily struggles to save their children from so many of the intrusive hardships that await our youth in ambush.
    The program will become another tool assisting urban youth in their quests to become career-minded adults with direction, driven goals, objectives, and deadlines as they structure their employment prerequisites.
    This program will allow many college and concerned universities to achieve their millennium objectives towards unilateral diversity as admission standards increase, grade point average requirements elevate, and overall yearly costs increase.

Universities and Colleges are as follows:
University of Michigan
Michigan State University
Western Michigan University
Central Michigan University
Northern Michigan University
Eastern Michigan University
Grand Valley State University
Ferris State University
Albion College
Wayne State University
Oakland University

However, if funding allows, we will take out-of-state trips as well.

Respectfully yours,

LeRoy E. Layne
President/ CEO and Founder
501(c)3 Non Profit Corporation

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